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  1. Just realized that Loki and Envy are exactly the same character wise. Now why do I love characters like this? And they’re both GREEN. Because they resemble the envy they have towards others. Loki is envious of Thor and Envy the homunculus is envious of humans. They both kill because its fun. They claim to crave power and greatness when all they want is to be loved and accepted by all. Not to mention THEY ARE SHAPE SHIFTERS!!!! And I LOVE THAT. Like they can change genders too omg I’m so excited lol sorry for the rant.  

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    this just connected two of my favorite characters. Thank you!!!!!
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    /never knew this but found it very enlightling.
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    But Loki isn’t as ignorant as envy
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    In the anime it was a dog, but…
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